Daily Words of Whisdom

Everyone deserves to live their best life inspired by fulfillment, progress and self-reflection. This Podcast will provide direction, inspiration and practical steps to help you achieve the success you want in your life. Early in my life, I felt stuck, defeated, hopeless, and destined to be unhappy, but I kept fighting, even when the mirror showed me relentless faces of defeat, over and over again. This hopeless feeling stuck to me every day from the minute I woke up to the second I fell asleep, but eventually, I dug my way out. The quotes and lessons in this Podcast are a reflection of the challenges, uncertainties, failures, and victories in my life and are shared to help you live life on your terms in the best way possible.

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Friday Jun 30, 2023

If you had the perfect plan. To handle stress to eliminate it. Would you use it? Man. I sure. Like to think so. Because stress can be challenging. It can turn us upside down. I can see never ending. But here's the truth. My friends. We are the ones that gives stress, that power. We're the ones that make it tough. 

Friday Jun 23, 2023

 Today with episode 14 and my daily words of wisdom. I'm going to show you how to have the most successful best quickest start of your life. I call it my two minute blastoff. That's right. I want to show you something you can do in two minutes to ensure that you have your best starts, you can possibly have. And that's right. I said starts with an S because you're going to be able to do it over and over and over again. 

Ep 13 - The Now Factor

Friday Jun 09, 2023

Friday Jun 09, 2023

If I asked you to give me three things. That ultimately determine how successful you're going to be at any given thing that you're trying to do across any point in your life. What would those three things be? Now I can tell you. That those three things. They're the same things for every single one of us.

Friday Jun 02, 2023

Do you consider yourself to be a leader? If, so how good do you think you can really be? If not. Do you want to be a good leader? Do you want to be great at it? Look, the truth is we're all leaders. We're either leading ourselves or we're leading ourselves and others. With this episode, 12 of my daily words of wisdom. 
I'm going to show you how to be the absolute strongest, best leader of yourself. And of others. We're going to start. With how to be the best leader of yourself to lead yourself to greatness. I want to give you five things. That'll make you the absolute best leader you could possibly be for yourself. 

Friday May 26, 2023

I'm going to give you four daily habits that if you apply these every single day to your life. All of those days are going to be powerful. So let's do it. Again, it's for daily habits. The key word is daily. I'm telling you, you make these a part of your every day. Your life will grow. And so will you.

The Only 1 That Counts

Friday Apr 07, 2023

Friday Apr 07, 2023

The most powerful number is one, because it has the highest volatility and the biggest potential to grow. I'm going to show you exactly how to become a powerful self motivated individual and share a story with you of a client that was facing a very difficult situation.

Friday Mar 24, 2023

 Can you imagine what your life would be like if most of your stress was eliminated? I mean, can you imagine if most of your stress was gone, how different would your life be?

Friday Mar 10, 2023

Look, I hope all is great in your world right now, but regardless if it's great, good, not so good, or you know you're really struggling, you're having a tough time with whatever it is. Look, it's okay because I'm gonna show you how to feel better about yourself.

Turning No into a Yes

Wednesday Mar 08, 2023

Wednesday Mar 08, 2023

How often in your life have you been told. No. Whoa. I know I have, and I think we all have, but what happens is we associate the word know with rejection. Uh, we lose confidence. We lose our self image. These are the things that happen. We're human. We, it's not fun to be told. No. Okay. But what if I told you. I could show you how to turn the word no into something positive.

Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

 I'm talking about relationships. Yes. It makes the world go round. It does, but I'm talking about building strong, long lasting relationships so that you can live a life full of happiness to do to that.
I've gotta show you, I've gotta teach you about the three kinds of relationships that we all have across our lives, but not just that. How do we improve those? How do we make those the best they can be? 


My Message to You 

Every day, the will to live your best life is alive inside of you, and it’s waiting for you to find it and embrace it. Once you find it, you’ll live stronger, love bolder, and reach higher than you’ve ever thought possible. Even though having the ability to live the life you want may at times seem unattainable or nonexistent, it's always there to lift you to significant accomplishments, regardless of how challenging things may seem. You have everything you need within yourself to both create and harness motivation, and if you get in the right state of mind, you'll quickly see it. I’ve had times in my life where I relentlessly searched for belief in myself and kept coming up empty, but because I kept searching and never gave up, I found what I needed

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